2017 Exterior Pricing

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Houses Built 1978–Present

We figure the price to paint your home starting with a visit to Zillow. From there we put in your address to find the square footage of your home. We multiply that square footage by $1.92 to arrive at the base price. This includes a pressure wash followed by the usual prep and 2 coats of Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra paint, included in the base price. (Behr’s contractor grade paint could be substituted to subtract 10% from the base). If your house is less than 50 years old then the base price is often the final price.

Things not included in the base price would be decks, fences, shutters, large porches and detached garages. On newer houses 3,000 square feet or larger where the job is mostly siding and very little trim, we often price 10% below the base.

Houses Built Before 1978

The EPA does not accept do-it-yourself lead testing as valid. Expect to spend $300–400 for a professional lead inspection (from a company found online), if you have peeling lead paint.

We will no longer be scraping or otherwise removing lead-based paint on surface areas in excess of 20 square feet, due to the complex rules and stiff fines associated with the new lead paint laws. Home owners can scrape their own houses without legal ramifications, and we would be glad to take it from there. There are also lead paint abatement specialists on Angie's List that we could work with.

Our base price for these older homes can quickly escalate to $3.00/sq. ft. on floor space if there are wide eaves and lots of detailed trim, and more than 2 main colors involved. Wood windows are not included in the base price (@ $69/each individual window), nor are detached garages, decks, fences, shutters, dormers, and large porches.

Various Items Not Included in the Base Price

  • A 2 stall detached garage typically adds $840 (2 coats)
  • Deck tops add 95¢/sq. ft. (2 coats)
  • Deck vertical rails add $2.48 each (1 coat)
  • Fences add 63¢/sq. ft. (one side, 2 coats)
  • Shutters $30/pair (2 coats)
  • Dormers add $105 each
  • Large porch ceilings add $1.41/sq. ft. (2 coats)
  • Porch floors 63¢/sq. ft. (1 coat)
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